Manuals and Technical Documentation relay the standards and procedures of the company or its products. As Companies, regulations and products keep changing, Manual and Technical Documentation must be kept up to date in all relevant languages. The more groups are global, innovative, acquisitive or regulated, the bigger the challenge to keep documentation up to date. It includes:  Product Technical Specifications, Safety Manuals, User Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Installation Manuals, Troubleshooting Manuals, Crisis Management Manuals, Operations Manuals, Audit Manuals, etc.


CODEXO turns 100% of the content of all contracts into an exhaustive, accurate and traceable data system that users can easily access and query across to

  • Reduce uncertainty for better decision making
  • Slash cost time and uncertainty for agile in depth audit & control at scale, and
  • Integrate over existing infrastructure seamlessly for immediate data agility without replacing legacy systems

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