The assignment of management of risk exposure to the appropriate level in the group’s hierarchy is good governance for the company and decision maker risk management. Frequently in matters of corporate and business crime, the behaviour that forms the object of a conviction results from insufficient vigilance or a lack of care in the implementation of risk-prevention tools. Adopting appropriate delegations of power should allow the persons designated as the responsible parties (i.e., the beneficiaries of said delegations) to perform their oversight and risk management duties more effectively than could senior managers, who are, of necessity, more removed on a day-to-day basis from the details of every transaction. Given organization changes take place every day in global groups, keeping delegation of powers up to date is not only a real challenge but crucial given the stakes.

Key words: Governance Delegation of Power Risk Management Criminal Risk CEO Personal Risk Exposure


CODEXO can turn 100% of the content of all delegations of power into an exhaustive, accurate and traceable data system that users can easily query to

  • Map how power flows down the organizational structure
  • Know the power for a given role
  • Know what role is empowered for a given topic / threshold, and
  • Check & Help maintain consistency across organization changes to keep delegations of power updated.

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