Artificial intelligence (AI) can only be as good as the data used for its development. The quality of the data that is used by business is critical for improving customer experience, enhancing business processes, finding new market opportunities, and enabling new initiatives. Nearly eight out of 10 enterprise organizations currently engaged in AI and machine learning (ML) report that projects have stalled, and 96% of these companies have run into problems with data quality, data labelling required to train AI, and building model confidence, according to information released from Alegion.

Key words: AI Data Quality Machine Learning AI Enablement Chatbot Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Customer Experience


CODEXO turns 100% of the content of all contracts into an exhaustive, accurate and traceable data system that users can easily access and query across to

  • Reduce uncertainty for better decision making
  • Slash cost time and uncertainty for agile in depth audit & control at scale, and
  • Integrate over existing infrastructure seamlessly for immediate data agility without replacing legacy systems

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