Not so long ago, advertising and marketing consumer products was much simpler with established competitors invested in creative with long lead times, using proven models of TV and big-box retail, alongside trusted agency partners. Today, the game has changed dramatically with new competitors playing by different rules’; an unprecedented complexity of channels, content and partners

Key words: Advertising and Marketing Budget Complexity of Channels Partners Agility Global Reach


CODEXO turns 100% of the content of all contracts related to the complex advertising and marketing ecosystem (TV, influencers, key-words, banners, ad’s effectiveness and performance services, etc.) into an exhaustive, accurate and traceable data system that users can easily access and query across to

  • Reduce uncertainty for better decision making
  • Slash cost time and uncertainty for agile in depth audit & control at scale, and
  • Integrate over existing infrastructure seamlessly for immediate data agility without replacing legacy systems

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