Getting Started

Getting started with CODEXO in 3 easy steps

Powered by the most advanced cloud platform and infrastructure, CODEXO remains easy-to-use at any scale.


CODEXO is designed to meet security standards of global groups

Data Security

CODEXO deploys safely on Microsoft Azure or your existing commercial cloud provider. CODEXO fits within your existing security policy to keep data secure, confidential and accessible 24/7.

Customized Access Control

CODEXO deploys allows several different levels of user access privileges that can be controlled by user levels, including admins, read/write users, and read-only users. Admins can define which users have access to which documents.

Single Sign On

CODEXO can integrate authentication with your LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server or use a token instead of a password for authentication. CODEXO works with Microsoft Active Directory. Integrate with Salesforce.

CODEXO leverages best in class solutions for easy integration

Upstream integration (for Upload)

CODEXO is a universal solution that works for any contract type in a any language regardless of source system

  • Legacy Document: CODEXO feeds from documents in Word or PDF, scanned and not scanned. Most Document Management Solutions or Contract Management Solutions can export PDF securely to the CODEXO interface via API.
  • Newly Signed Documents: CODEXO integrates with all E-signature solutions such as Docusign, etc.

Core Integration (for Storage or Access)

CODEXO is designed to fit within your existing infrastructure so that deployment, access, security, etc., remain unchanged.

  • CODEXO deploys on any cloud commercial provider (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Salesforce, etc.)
  • CODEXO can deploy on most trusted SSO solutions (Microsoft Active Directory, XXX, YYY)

Downstream Integration (for Visualization & Data Export)

CODEXO creates quality data for multiple use in the space of control and decision making for corporates. A a result CODEXO has developed APIs with best in class data management and visualisation solutions (

Integration & API

Cloud Solutions

CODEXO’s native-cloud architecture provides speed, accuracy and flexibility at the standards that big business expects

EU Server: All CODEXO servers are located in European data centers, where the GDPR regulation ensures a stronger data protection

Universality: CODEXO deploys with most trusted cloud commercial provider (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Salesforce, etc.)

Deployment: Cloud-based support for rapid deployment of virtualized CODEXO platform instances

Docker Swarm: Containers with over-the-wire updates

Segregation : Each instance is entirely separate, including all data, network, and configuration.

Service: Most trusted cloud providers ensure risk mitigation keeping data secure, confidential and accessible 24/7

Resources: Optimized use of resources (CPU/memory)

Proprietary technology combined with Machine Learning

CODEXO core technology brings Exhaustivity, Accuracy and Traceability of its data model at scale

CODEXO AI brings productivity and user-friendliness required when volume and diversity go exponential.

This unique combination of technologies delivers good results in real life situations where low volume and high diversity prevail.

CODEXO overcomes the biggest challenge of competitor’s brut force AI systems today that require high volume and low diversity content to perform

CODEXO’s capability to learn with high diversity is a core differentiator. With this CODEXO can help global groups to deal with innovation, ultra-customisation and change in regulation which make contracts and corporate document increasingly diverse.

Artificial Intelligence

ROI Measurement

Executives today are overwhelmed with investment choices to improve their business performance.

CODEXO is a solution for global groups in fast transformation that consider instead of replacing their existing legacy systems in order to slash operational risk, costs and execution time. CODEXO can be used stand-alone or as a data source powering legacy systems or AI project via custom APIs.

CODEXO Diagnostic equips executives to make a high-quality decision regarding if, when, and how they invest their resources to maximize objective.

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Transparent Pricing

CODEXO’s flat-rate pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for predictability and better budget planning

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Codexo in 3 easy steps


Case studies


With millions of clients already, a leading EU Insurer has to deal with the fact that clients either subscribed to insurance policies last week, last month, last year or two decades ago with multiple amendments in general terms or specific conditions since then. As a result, it is a challenge to know the exact terms for a given client unless a manual review of the scanned PDF is done. ERP are not designed to capture this wealth of information trapped in PDFs. Manual review is not scalable. Manual review is not the operational excellence insurers are committed to.


CODEXO has processed a sample of insurance policies (general terms, specific terms) to data feed upon query an RPA interface for client facing employees managing claims


A state owned monopoly operator with more than 200,000 employees in France going through major organisational, business and regulatory changes. Delegation of powers are an important element of corporate governance to manage and mitigate CEO personal criminal risk exposure arising from operations. As the groups undergo a deep transformation, keeping delegations of powers up to date with the organization chart is a real challenge because all documents are different and there is no room for error (exhaustivity, accuracy and traceability are a must).


CODEXO has processed all delegations of power of the group as data source that users can query across on real time for business use or consistency checks.


A global leader in shopping mall operations. Key clients are retail business global leaders like H&M, Inditex, etc.,) with potentially hundreds of leases each in many languages and many versions. Keeping track of consistency or negotiating better terms without creating precedents are daily challenges for Finance, Operation Management, Legal Team. Even state of the art ERP system cannot track the text information trapped in thousands of 200+ page bespoke agreements with specific terms, general terms and several amendments. Manual review are the only option, not scalable though to insure the upper hand on the relationship as business moves faster and faster


CODEXO has processed a diversified sample of commercial leases in 3 languages / 4 brands / 10 as data source that users can query across on real time for business use and consistency checks.


A global leader in Oil & Gas engaged in gathering global procurement information from different Document Management Systems across the group. First practical but immense difficulty is to get sense of data from tens of thousands of signed PDFs in diverse languages to input exhaustive, accurate and traceable information in the new central repository system. At the moment, manual input in the only option. No really workable given volume, stakes and implied costs. Second practical challenge is to leverage procurement information for intelligence


CODEXO has processed hundreds of contracts as data source ready to feed new system and that users can query across build intelligence.

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