Services We Provide

Turning contracts into actionable data

CODEXO captures fully the content of a large volume of very diverse PDF contracts into a system that manages 100% of content as actionable data. It can be applied to both legacy contracts as well as new contracts across all verticals.

Answers are presented through query reports, visualization app or data export that can improve team productivity and strategic insights.

CODEXO fits within your existing infrastructure with best security standards. It can be scaled globally with no language restrictions.

Problems We Solve

Reducing Uncertainty for smarter decisions and agile control

Critical business knowledge trapped into PDF contracts is only accessible with sample manual reviews.

Manual reviews cannot be scaled globally as contract volume and diversity go exponentially.

Uncertainty on the exact nature of engagements has increased, impacting following core business enablers.


  • Global Sales
  • Global Procurement
  • Alliances & Partners


  • Insurance Policies
  • ISDA Derivatives
  • Loans
  • Leases


  • Delegations of Power
  • Due Diligence & PMI
  • Data Legacy
  • AI / Chatbots
  • Safety Manuals


  • IFRS 15
  • IFRS 16
  • IFRS 17
  • Brexit

“If you define a global relationship by the sum of custom contracts signed at local level in different languages…then yes only weeks of manual work can give a view on one global relationships”

Head of Commercial Leasing, EMEA CAC40 (Real Estate)

“I don’t have A template, I have a THOUSAND templates. And since we recently merged with X, much more than that but I don’t know really. Do you know a solution that works with this? ”

Head of Procurement, EMEA, DAX30 (Industrial Group)

“Big data is all nice but for effective use to global legal engagements I expect accuracy exhaustivity, and traceability – and this I do not have from any product in the market in the now.”

Chief Financial Officer, CAC40 (Consumer Goods)

“At Shell we have 400 families of contracts, only 20 are automated. 95% of our contracts  are so diverse, big  or complex that no solution we’ve tested can even digest their content.”

Global contract manager, Royal Dutch Shell (Oil & Gas)

No solution in the market gives me a full view of my contractual obligations including general conditions, specific conditions and amendments”

Group General Counsel, CAC40 (Transportation)

“By experience, Post Merger Integration leaves you with fragmented systems and processes. Only manual work can bridge this.”

Group head of business accelerator, (Insurance)

Value We Deliver

Accessing Information to act on revenues, costs and risks

CODEXO helps global groups save on costs, reduce risks and enhance revenues. CODEXO does this by reducing uncertainty on the exact nature of their legal engagements at global scale, for smarter decision making and better control across the board.

Smarter Decision Making

Negotiate better with global & local visibility of terms

Measuring quality of the relationship of non financial terms

React to market changes faster for value preservation

e.g.: Regulation, client merger, Brexit, case law

Find out unnoticed trends in terms across relationships

e.g.: better terms negotiated in country X vs. others

Post Merger Integration (PMI) dashboard to track terms

Target most competent terms

Better Control & Agility

Query deviations in contracts (across languages & types)

Measure and track corrective actions to ensure consistency

Quick query among old and new contracts

Audit trails and reporting

For legacy stock: Mass PDF data import to your new system

For flow of e-signed: Save time & errors on manual entries

Import from PDFs stored in various legacy systems

Export quality data to any new / legacy software

Functions We Support

CODEXO allows key functions – both at local and global level – to easily access information that today can only be derived by arduous sample-based manual excel spreadsheets reviews. CODEXO is cheaper, faster, more accurate and exhaustive.  CODEXO helps for a better use of skilled resources.



General Secretary







Legal & Tax



Markets We Serve

CODEXO helps best with corporations whose success is fueled by geographical expansion, product innovation, acquisitions or rapid regulatory adjustments, as most struggle with a high volume of exponentially diverse contracts in many languages, which are difficult to capture as a whole because of siloed organizations running multiple legacy systems



Transport & Logistics

Consumer Good

Oil & Gas

Shared Economy Platforms

Real Estate



Our Difference

By design CODEXO’s proprietary technology brings superior quality data that AI traditional approach struggles to deliver. Unlike traditional AI approach, CODEXO performs well even when faced with a low volume of very diverse contracts, which is the most frequent real-life scenario for global groups.


Covers all languages across all contract types

Unlike other solutions, provides accurate results even for high diversity & low volume of contracts



Processes 100% of the information that is available for query, export or visualization

Output can be traced back to the input to ensure transparency


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